About Us

We are Steve and Tasha Miles: owners, operators, and residents of Miles Horse Ranch since 2000. Love for horses is what brought us together.

We met in the mid-1990s at a horse farm in the San Francisco Bay Area. As working professionals, we had to trust others to provide for the daily needs of our horses. It didn't take too many conversations to discover that we had both always wanted to run our own ranch. Two lifetimes of experience with boarding situations and having to compromise and make do with a variety of situations have given us the experience to know exactly how we wanted to run our place and the services we wanted to provide.
"Our goal has been to create a facility that is beautiful,clean, and most of all conducive to the safety and enjoyment of our equine friends. We wanted to create worry free boarding for the retired horse. We want our customers to have confidence that we are giving their horses the same loving care that they would."
Our home sits at the top of the hill. From our front window, we can keep an eye on what's going on all around the ranch. We have a quiet, private home for your horse with intimate care that only comes from personal attention. We have one ranch hand, Ernesto, who has been with Miles Horse Ranch for many years and makes it his work to know each horse's quirks and preferences.

Check the FAQ for additional information and please call or email if you'd like to come visit, or discuss specifics of your retired horse's needs. ♞