To ensure the best care for the horses at Miles Horse Ranch, we offer only total care pasture boarding at a flat rate of $500 per month. It includes:

  • ☑ High quality oat and alfalfa hay twice a day
  • ☑ Grain and supplements mid-day
  • ☑ Medication as prescribed by the horse's veterinarian
  • ☑ Fly masks and blanketing as needed
  • ☑ Hoof trimming every eight weeks by our farrier
  • ☑ Worming every other month with our wormer
  • ☑ Dental and vaccine clinics in fall and spring
  • ☑ Attendance for farrier and vet visits
  • ☑ Basic wound care

Horses are grouped and placed based on physical limitations rather than on gender. Mixed groups of geldings and mares are divided into four pastures: one very large 23-acre area, and three smaller areas where movement is more controlled. All pastures have both natural cover provided by groves of oak and redwood and purpose-built pasture shelters for additional protection against the elements.

The weather is generally mild throughout the year so only the oldest and hardest keepers need blanketing, and only in the worst weather. These horses are naturally in one of the smaller pastures; blankets in big pasture is not safe in any weather.

Because flying insects are managed consistently throughout the farm with Arabic Fly Predators, we find that fly spray is generally not necessary. However, if a horse requires additional protection, we will provide it.

We prefer your horse be barefoot, but do allow front shoes if they are necessary.

We work with you to ensure you are confident that your horse's dietary, medical, and other maintenance needs are met. We feed hay twice a day and supplement with grain and other feeds, as necessary. Horses receive grain and any supplements or oral medication at lunch time. We will ensure your horse gets supplements and long-term medications that you supply. Additionally, we provide basic wound care, hoof trimming every eight weeks, worming every other month, fly mask and blanketing as needed for weather conditions, and attendance for farrier and vet visits.

We email photos once a month on request. If you are not able to visit as often as you'd like, or just want to see more of your horse, just provide a valid email! ♞