The Ranch

When we purchased this fifty-acre parcel in Watsonville, we were determined to build a boarding facility that cared for client horses with the same attention and care that we wanted to give our own.

We are thrilled to be realizing our dream of creating a beautiful, clean, safe, and natural home for horses who are retired or recuperating.

You will see wooden fencing in all open areas of the permanent pastures. We use Horse Guard electric tape to enclose irrigated turnout pastures to manage grazing space. Tense coated safety cable limits horse access in wooded or dense areas where they should not wander.

The horses always have access to water--both the ponds, and the water troughs, which are inspected and cleaned each week to ensure safe and healthy drinking water. The largest pasture encloses a spring-fed pond that the horses enjoy for swimming and splashing.

The gently sloping hills provide good exercise for horses who are agile enough and benefit from the movement and smaller flat pastures are suitable for less nimble horses. ♞